Verizon Prepaid Wireless Activation Guide

Below you'll find instructions for activating the Verizon Wireless prepaid phone. We activated the Nokia 2366i model.

We didn't encounter any issues during our activation, but if you did, please contact us and let us know so we can add the problem and the solution to Verizon Wireless prepaid guide.

What to do:

You're going to start off by clicking in the battery and charging the phone fully (a couple of hours will do just fine).

Once it's charged, power it up and dial *22888 and hit SEND.

They'll take you through a quick menu, which begins by entering your ZIP code. Then you get a phone number (write it down!). When you place your first call, you'll hear a message that will ask which language you prefer. DO NOT IGNORE THIS STEP. Failing to enter a language will disable you from receiving calls. Once the system tells you how much talk time you have, you're set.

Activation notes:

Activating Verizon's service makes me wonder why all companies don't do it like this. All you have to do is dial the *22888 number, and you're basically set. No writing down serial numbers, no fumbling through paperwork to find an authorization code. Just your ZIP code, and you're set. The language preference is the only portion that may throw people for a loop — but as long as you remember to enter "1" for English, you're set.

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