FreedomPop Adds AT&T LTE Connectivity Through SIM

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More and more, we seem to be seeing MVNOs which offer ‘freemium’ plans that upsell consumers to spend money for additional service. One of the first and more popular of those is FreedomPop, which previously operated via Wifi and on Sprint’s nationwide network. However, the company recently launched a new AT&T service to compliment the Sprint offerings. For the price of a $10 SIM card, users with a compatible GSM phone can utilize AT&T’s LTE network with FreedomPop’s freemium and paid plans. There is also an AT&T LTE hotspot for $30 which includes 2 GB of free data. While it might not seem like much, this is a huge step for the MVNO as Sprint, while common among MVNOs, actually has fairly limited coverage. AT&T, however, has a far more attractive reputation and network, making it a better choice for users looking to get the most out of their plans. Currently, FreedomPop offers a free plan which includes 500 MB of data, 200 minutes, and 500 texts per month. Once the allotment has been used, users are prompted to upgrade and pay for additional services. Previously, FreedomPop did not allow customers to BYOD, which is unsurprising with Sprint’s archaic unlocking policies on older phones. However, GSM phones can either be purchased through FreedomPop’s new phone marketplace, or else activate their own device using this guide. For more information or to check FreedomPop’s pricing and offerings, check out the FreedomPop website.]]>

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