FreedomPop Launches $5 WiFi Only Service

freedompop logo

FreedomPop is the nearly undisputed king of cheap phone service, offering free minutes, text and data to its customers every month, with additional services available for a small monthly fee. Well, yesterday, this Sprint-powered MVNO has added yet another affordable feature to help every have access to wireless: wifi only service for $5. This cheap plan includes unlimited minutes, text and data through WiFi networks all across the country. PhoneScoop reported that FreedomPop has partnered with an unknown number of WiFi aggregators, making its network available in public places like Starbucks, Burger King, Pandora and more. The plan is only available for Android devices, as the service requires an android app that can automatically detect and connect to partnered and available wifi hotspots. Here is the map FreedomPop released showing the WiFi coverage:

As you can see, it’s a little spotty the further west you go, but if you routinely have WiFi at the home or office, you really can’t beat $5 for unlimited talk, text and data! To get more information about FreedomPop phones, plans and services, visit their website.]]>

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