MetroPCS Allows Select LTE Phones on $30 Plan


MetroPCS, a T-Mobile prepaid brand, looks like it is testing the waters on its cheapest plan. As of Friday, the company has announced that the plan will be available to customers with select LTE devices. It’s a pretty good deal, provided that you don’t mind the catches. It looks like right now, the offering is only available for customers using the Samsung Galaxy Light or the LG Leon, both of which are entry-level devices. And, while the deal is likely available for both new and current customers, it looks like you’ll have to go into a MetroPCS store in order to actually get the deal as it is not available online. Click Here to find a MetroPCS store near you. The $30 prepaid plan is the cheapest in MetroPCS’ lineup and gives customers unlimited talk, text and low speed data as well as 1 GB of high speed LTE data. Tethering and Wifi hotspotting with the phone is allowed on this plan. As the company is owned by T-Mobile, it goes without saying that MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s network. Going along with this plan change, it looks like MetroPCS is also offering customers mail-in rebates on the Samsung Galaxy Light and the LG Leon. Right now, the Samsung Galaxy Light is priced at $29 after the rebate ($79 before rebate) and the LG Leon is priced at $49 after the rebate ($99.99 before rebate). You can download the rebate form here and mail it in to receive your $50 card. For more information on MetroPCS plans and deals, visit the MetroPCS website or see a MetroPCS store near you.]]>

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