Karma Mobility Releases New PayGo Data Plan

From what it looks like, the Sprint prepaid data company Karma has made some changes to its plan lineup. Recently, the company added a new Drift pay-as-you-go option to replace the old Refuel data plans. Fortunately, it looks like the new plans are an improvement over the Refuel option. With the new Drift plans, customers pay $3 per month for access to the service, and an additional $10 for each GB used. However, customers are refunded for any unused data at the end of the month, which makes this a great option for short business trips and other similar things where constant data isn’t needed. The Pulse plans, however, have remained unchanged. Here’s a roundup of the Pulse plans:
  • $9.99/month – 1 GB
  • $39.99/month – 5 GB
  • $79.99/month – 10 GB
  • $99.99/month – 20 GB
  • $149.99/month – 50 GB
As you can see, the devices are not really going to work for streaming at that price range, but for basic internet browsing over short periods of time, it would work. I personally think the Drift plans make a little more financial sense than the Pulse, but that might just be me. In order to use Karma’s plans, customers must purchase a Karma Go device which costs around $150 (although it’s often on sale for $99). The Karma Go device uses Sprint’s 4G network with advertised average speeds of 6-8 Mbps, although it optimistically says that it peaks at 25 Mbps when on the 4G network. The 3G is even slower, unfortunately, but the device does allow for up to 8 devices to connect at once and if you have multiple people connect to your Karma, you get credit for it. For more information on Karma plans and options, check out the Karma Mobility website.]]>

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