Prepaid Faceoff: Page Plus vs. Selectel Wireless




With the massive number of prepaid MVNOs and carrier options, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of it all and even harder to compare and decide which company is the right one for you. So, every once in a while we’re going to go through and do a Face-off of two popular companies, comparing plans and services to help you better decide. Today, we’ll look at Page Plus Cellular and Selectel Wireless. Both companies are Verizon MVNOs, which means they are rather similar. However, one (Page Plus) is part of the TracFone conglomerate while the other is not so there are also some major differences, especially in the realm of customer service. Ayway, here’s how they compare:

Plan Prices  Price range? What is included?

Page Plus Cellular – Plans range from $12 –  $69.95

All Page Plus plans include data. The more expensive plans include unlimited throttled data, while the low-end offerings have a limited amount. The two lowest priced plans also include limited talk and text while the others include unlimited talk and text. Additionally, some plans offer international landline minutes. The most expensive offering include unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls to Mexican numbers. Page Plus also offers Pay as you Go plans, which we’ll talk about in a minute. Read more about Page Plus Plans

Selectel Wireless  – Plans range from $15 – $75

Selectel offers several monthly plans as well as a yearly plan. The company also sells a home phone service and wifi plans for tablets. Most plans include some 4G data as well as talk and text. Read more about Selectel Plans.

Unlimited Talk/Text  Is it offered? What is the lowest price?

Page Plus Cellular – Yes, $39.95 is the cheapest plan with unlimited talk/text. This plan also includes 1 GB of LTE data.

Selectel Wireless  – Yes, $40 is the cheapest plan with unlimited talk/text. This plan also includes 1 GB of data.

Data Ranges  What is the most and least data available?

Page Plus Cellular – Data ranges from 10 MB to 5 GB of LTE with unlimited throttled data available on some of the more expensive plans. Page Plus offers 4G LTE data on all but its most inexpensive plan.

Selectel Wireless  – Data ranges from 15 MB to 5 GB of data. Unlimited data is not available. Selectel does offer 4G LTE data on all but the $15 plan.

Pay-As-You-Go Rates  What are the pay-as-you-go per minute rates?

Page Plus Cellular – Pay Go rates and expiration dates vary depending on what top-up you purchase. Per minute rates range from $0.10 – $0.04 per minute. The best bet is probably the $50 card which offers $0.05/minute and 1000 minutes which expire in 120 days.

Selectel Wireless  – Selectel does not offer pay-as-you-go

International Calling  What options are available? What does it cost?

Page Plus Cellular – Page Plus has two different international calling options. The $9 Global Calling Card add-on is available to all customers and is a separate international calling balance. Rates for individual countries vary, and balance roll over each month. Additionally, several of the more expensive plans include international landline calling minutes which can be used to call these countries. Minutes do not roll over to the next month and range from 100 – 400 minutes per month. Read more about Page Plus international calling.

Selectel Wireless  – Selectel Wireless itself does not offer international calling services. However, the company does sell third-party international calling cards. There are two cards: a $10 and $20 card, and the rates per country will vary slightly for each card. The cards are good for calling around 448 countries and require a lengthy access number. Calling cards come with a 30 day expiration date. Cards are through Geils Communications.

Activation Fees  How much do they cost?

Page Plus Cellular – No activation fee

Selectel Wireless  – $25 if you purchase a phone from Selectel. If you activate your own device, the activation fee is $30.

BYOD  Can you activate your own device?

Page Plus Cellular – Yes, provided it is an unlocked CDMA phone. SIMs cost around $5

Selectel Wireless  – Yes, provided it is an unlocked CDMA phone. SIMs cost around $5 with $2 shipping

Network/Coverage  What network does it use?

Page Plus Cellular – Verizon | Coverage Map

Selectel Wireless  – Verizon | Coverage Map


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  1. Danny Stinnett on August 17, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Selectel wireless offers free romeing witch is a big thing in Kentucky.