Alltel teams with law enforcement and public safety

So Alltel had a big announcement yesterday, though we’re not quite sure how it ties into mobile phones. They mention twice in the press release that they’re America’s largest cellular network. But we see no mention of integrating this new application into their phones. It’s called HazMasterG3, and as you can probably glean from the name, it helps identify various hazardous materials. This is intended for law enforcement and public safety officials.

HazMasterG3®, a fast and easy decision support system, provides details on over 118,000 chemical, biological and radiological agents, trade names and explosives. The application also provides support capabilities for the quickly changing role of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) in law enforcement, both civilian and military. HazMasterG3® has earned certification from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as an Approved Product for Homeland Security and is designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). “Alltel Wireless recognizes the role that a wireless device can play in assisting public safety agencies across the country,” said Dave Maddox, director of advanced data solutions for Alltel Wireless. “We are proud to offer HazMasterG3® on select phones, as it has the potential to not only help law enforcement and emergency responders identify threats, but the application can also provide details needed to help save lives.” Additionally, the application’s capabilities include advanced tools for bomb technicians and Tier 2 pre-plan support for over 60,000 facilities nationwide for fire, HAZMAT and USAR needs. HazMasterG3® also provides modeling for precursor outcomes, chemical reactions and advanced agent-identification capabilities for a broad range of unknown threats – a key factor for terrorism response.
So as you can see, the application is quite nifty and helpful. However, we’re not quite sure how it integrates into mobile phones. Maybe it doesn’t, and the mention of Alltel’s involvement in mobile phones is just incidental. [Business Wire]]]>

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