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We have several available packages, but they are limited to a first come, first serve basis.

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Review Listings

Our decisions of which providers to list and do editorial reviews of on the site are based on a mix company size, brand awareness, subscriber base numbers and consumer demand. If you're becoming a popular prepaid service, you will likely eventually end up on the site.

However, we know that certain providers see Prepaid Reviews as a way to increase their brand awareness before we (and many consumers) have the chance to notice them.

Therefore, we are willing to do an editorial review of a prepaid cellular company that doesn't yet warrant a review due to the above conditions for a flat review listing fee.

However, please note the following BEFORE contacting us to request a review listing:

  1. Paying for a review listing in no way guarantees that you will get "good rating" - our analysts and editorial team base your editorial rating on your service alone and whatever rating the service gets, it gets.
  2. There are no direct links in your review. All provider links on Prepaid Reviews redirect.

AVAILABILITY: Please note that being willing to pay for a review listing fee does not guarantee we will be willing to review your site. However, if we choose not to review your site, we will let you know prior to you paying any fee.

PRICING: This service is available for a one time flat fee. Contact us at for more information.

Other advertising opportunities

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