About Us

Here at prepaidreviews.com we try to help you make sense of prepaid cell phone services and plans by providing information about the top carriers.

We provide information about their company, process, phones and available plans - in addition to a rating that we assign the plan.

Prepaidreviews.com has been reviewing prepaid cell phone plans since 2005. The site was founded by Rae Hoffman (then with MFE Interactive). It was sold to a third party in 2013. In 2022, Rae Hoffman (now with Sugarrae) regained ownership of the site. Rae has owned various media sites in the tech industry for more than 20 years.

Prepaid Reviews has been featured in CNet, Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance, About.com, The Times Herald-Record, The Star Tribune and numerous other national and regional publications.

Factors of the Editor Ratings

We use several factors to determine the editor ratings that we give to prepaid wireless providers. Please note that our ratings are based on our opinions and current information on these carriers.

When deciding a rating for a provider (on a scale of one to five with five being the best) we look at some of the following factors:

  • Pricing (cost)
  • Pricing model (ease)
  • Ease to obtain (do they require credit checks)
  • Fees to obtain (do they require contracts, deposits or activation fees)
  • Coverage area
  • Availability of service
  • Quality and demand of available phones
  • Ease of replenishment (how easy is it to buy minutes)
  • Customer service (good, length of wait times, helpful, friendliness)
  • Features included in the base price
  • Availability of additional features
  • Roaming charges (cost or lack of)
  • Consumer feedback

As well as some other smaller factors as they are brought to our attention. The ratings are by no means scientific and are again based on the current information and consumer feedback we have available.

Customer Feedback and Average User Ratings

We encourage and appreciate consumer feedback. If you have a prepaid phone or plan featured here at prepaidreviews.com please click on the appropriate providers page and leave a review for others to see.

Each provider is assigned not only an editor rating by our staff, but also an average user rating based on comments left by visitors. So, if you like them or hate them, let others know.

No matter how good something looks, we know that it is the actual users who find out the real deal and we appreciate all the feedback we receive from visitors. So please, keep sending it in!