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Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone Review

Last updated: January 19, 2022 by the Prepaid Reviews Staff

Our Editorial Rating

Rated 3.0 out of 5


Straight Talk, sold primarily through Walmart stores, is a registered trademark of Tracfone. Launched several years ago, the brand is known for bad customer service, excellent coverage and cheap phones. They offer both monthly and pay-as-you-go plans.

Pros: Straight Talk offers a cheap monthly plans which provide ample minutes, data, and messaging limits.

Detailed Provider Information

Plans: Straight Talk offers a variety of plans with unlimited talk, text and data for heavy users. They also have pay-as-you-go options and several add-ons for things like apps, international minutes and phone protection plans.

Customer Service: Straight Talk Customer Service is available 8 a.m. – midnight EST. Their wait times can be a little long, but the auto answer menu can complete functions like refills and activation. Their website also has forms for transferring service, tracking orders, checking balance and more. Click here for Straight Talk Customer Service Number.

Free Nights: No

Credit Check: None

Free Weekends: No

Contract: None

Daily Access Fee: No

Payment Options: Straight Talk services can be purchased on Straight Talk's website at Walmart's website, or at an authorized dealer using cash or credit.

Text and Picture Messaging: Text and multimedia messages are included in Straight Talk's flat monthly rate. All monthly plans currently include unlimited text and MMS.

Data Plans: Straight Talk has two different options for data. Their “All You Need” plan includes 100 MB of data. All the other plans include unlimited low speed and 3 GB high speed data. Unlimited plans start at $45 for 30 days.

Downloads: Ringtones and graphics are available for download from Straight Talk.

International Calling: They offer an unlimited international plan, which includes unlimited minutes to select international locations, for $60 a month. They also offer a $10 global card to call all international destinations, including international mobile numbers. This card can be combined with any service plan.

Text Messaging Available: Yes

Roaming Charges: Straight Talk does not offer roaming, so there are no charges.

Shop Phones and Plans: Shop for Straight Talk

Text Messaging Charge For Incoming: No

Calling Features: voicemail, caller ID

Unlimited Text Messaging Plan Available: Yes

Activation Fee: There is no fee to activate your Straight Talk service.

Nationwide Long Distance: Yes

Unlimited Plan Available: Yes

411 Calls: Directory assistance is available at no extra charge

Earliest Minute Expiration: The 30 dollar plan expires after 30 days. If the minutes and/or messages are used up before expiration, customers can pay 30 dollars to refill.

911 Calls: Yes.

Phones: Straight Talk phones are similar to those offered by parent company Tracfone. They can be purchased through Straight Talk's website, at Walmart.com or at various dealers. Straight Talk also offers iPhone models.

Standard Calling Features: voicemail, caller ID

Some Available Cell Models: Samsung S380C, LG Optimus Black, Samsung Galaxy Centura, Huawei Ascend Plus, ZTE Whirl, iPhone 5, Alcatel Onetouch Sonic

Coverage Map: Straight Talk coverage map

Cheapest Phone Model: Free with service, or $9.99

Activation Guide: Straight Talk Activation Guide

Customer Service Contact: Straight Talk Contact Information

Average Rating By Users

Rated 3.2 out of 5
3.2 out of 5 stars (based on 2,265 reviews)
5 star33%
4 star13%
3 star23%
2 star5%
1 star26%

Most Recent Reviews

Consumer Review

Rated 2.0 out of 5
May 10, 2010

This customer service people need to be properly trained to troubleshoot a problem other than jzt the easy-lazy old saying ‘turn off turn back on’ bs. That works only 99% of the time or nothing at all. Example I could not make or receive calls nor text msgs, due to there system being down and did not update after either so it keeped saying insufficient funds b.s. Untill i got pissed off at them I asked to spek with upper management or supervisor and all this lady did was update my account. simple thing. but those unalphabetic ‘customer service’ sure need training or maybe there not IT inclined???????


Consumer Review

Rated 3.0 out of 5
May 10, 2010

ok i was talking to my husband who is in iraq and my phone got turned off i remind you i did pay my bill, i call straight talk and it tells me due to unusually high call vloume your call can not be answered at this time or something like that UGH SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! i can only talk to my husband once in so many weeks and straiight talk isot helping! please email me if you know whats going on k18foreverTo hotmail.com


Consumer Review

Rated 4.0 out of 5
May 10, 2010

Walter — you criticized phone service in West Virgina. If you look at the ST coverage map on their website (http://www.straighttalk.com/Coverage), you’ll see very few spots that have coverage in that state. Maybe ST isn’t the best option for you? From a happy customer in Massachusetts.

To Walter

Consumer Review

Rated 1.0 out of 5
May 10, 2010

TERRIBLE customer service. Call center is not open 24/7 and the employees cannot communicate in English. I don’t think they deserve the one star rating I gave them, but that’s the lowest it goes. Stay away from them. Run Forrest Run!


Consumer Review

Rated 4.0 out of 5
May 10, 2010

So far so good. We had a slight problem with start up when it says 5 minutes and call so and so number, it took longer however it does say when you are online it can take 24 hours. All we had to do was call, waited 5 minutes at most, they gave us a instructions that were simple and wahla we had service. Myspace and facebook are not working online however for $45 month instead of paying $89 or more a month (because i have to have my texting) and no contract i cannot complain. I feel bad for the straight talk customer service. I work as an online bridal consultant and know how they feel when people who have no manners call. Instead of Bridezillas there is cellzillas. oh well not everyone was raised right. Some respect and appriciation for others go a long way.

very content

Consumer Review

Rated 2.0 out of 5
May 10, 2010

I had to change my number and had to buy a whole new service card , which was ok , however once it was activated..the damn thing wont work..I have to call on monday because i doubt that i will get ahold of anyone in CS on a sunday , im not expecting any credit at all for the downtime on my new plan , and there are holes in their service especially in PA and if you go thru WV on I-77 dont expect a signal the entire way thru the state.. the website wont allow you to login to your account because its under construction..am i wrong or should that site be up and running the day they open their doors to the public ??? let me know your thoughts on their service idk , im thinking ill find something else..butchirishguyTo yahoo.com


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