Straight Talk APN Settings Guide

Many prepaid customers choose to bring their own phones to a new network instead of purchasing an entirely new phone. But sometimes, porting your device can bring challenges. So if you made the change to Straight Talk and can't receive texts or internet, then you probably need to change your APN settings.

If you purchased your phone from Straight Talk, then you should have a red activation card that came with the phone. This card should have all the information you need to set up the correct APN settings. While they tell you to delete the old APN settings, I would recommend instead just making a new setting and making it the default. You never know when you might want to jump to another carrier, after all.

Porting over a phone is an entirely different scenario. Sometimes when you port over a phone, the device settings get confused and don't pick up the correct APN settings, which will prevent you from doing certain tasks. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy fix and simply requires you to make a new APN setting just as if you had purchased a new phone.

To make new settings, you'll have to first find the Mobile Networks menu in your phone, usually under Settings. Depending on what phone you have, this menu might be located under "More Networks," "Mobile Data," "Tethering and Networks," or any other number of locations. Once you find it, tap "Access Point Names," then "Menu" if it's an option and finally, "New APN."

If you are on Straight Talk AT&T service, type in the following Straight Talk APN settings.

  • Name: straight talk
  • APN: tfdata
  • Proxy: Not Set
  • Port: Not Set
  • Username: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set
  • Server: Not Set
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS Port: 80

Save it, and restart your phone to make sure the settings take, and you should be good to go. Make sure you don't delete your old APN settings, so they are still there if you ever leave Straight Talk or have problems. Do make sure that your Straight Talk APN settings are set to be the default.

If you have Straight Talk through T-Mobile, then you'll need to use the following Straight Talk APN settings:

  • Name: straight talk
  • APN: wap.tracfone
  • Proxy: Leave blank
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set
  • Server: Not Set
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:  Leave blank
  • MMS Port: Leave blank

Once again, save the new APN, restart your phone and enjoy! Make sure that your Straight Talk APN settings are set to be the default.

If you are still having trouble, or aren't comfortable with making APN setting changes yourself, you should be able to get Straight Talk tech help by filling out the forms on this page and they should send you the settings for your phone.

It is worth noting that while APN settings will normally fix your internet connection and MMS messages, sometimes the phone itself is simply not fully compatible with the network. If you change the APN settings correctly and still cannot receive MMS messages, try contacting Straight Talk to make sure your phone is compatible.