Ride the Wave with Alltel

Alltel has a new phone on the market: The Wave by LG. Now, it may not be “new” in terms of features; it doesn’t seem to have anything above and beyond other Alltel offerings, like the Samsung Hue. However, the sale is in the design concept. The Wave “has a rolling design that mimics the curl of a wave as the deep colors fade into black.” So if you’re into purty phones, The Wave might be right up your alley.
“With its sleek design, The Wave is a fashionable option to stay connected,” said Wade McGill, senior vice president of wireless products and services, for Alltel. “Alltel Wireless is excited to introduce another phone to our lineup that provides our customers with the best in form and function.”
Is this the new response to the uber-functional phones? If so, we’re interested to see how it pans out. Obviously, Alltel isn’t going to compete with the iPhone, so why not try a different tack to attract customers? We’re not sure it will work, but we darn sure like the concept. As we said, the features are pretty standard. You have your 1.3 MP camera that can shoot video, an MP3 player, expandable memory, and Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. It also comes with Jump Music, software that allows you to transfer songs from your PC to your phone. If you’re looking for the phone on the LG website, though, don’t go searching for “The Wave.” You won’t find it there. Instead, it’s the LG AX380. Why they wouldn’t mention that in the press release we have no idea. Seems poor business to us, making your customers search around to find out what it’s called on your website. But now you know. [BusinessWire]]]>