AT&T adds $25 GoPhone plan for messaging

AT&T GoPhone has bookended the summer with a pair of excellent new plans. In June they introduced a $50 unlimited GoPhone plan, which covers voice minutes, messages, and web surfing. Now they’ve added to their lineup with a $25 plan that includes 250 anytime minutes, plus unlimited messaging. This is something like Virgin Mobile‘s Beyond Talk plan, which includes 300 minutes, plus unlimited messaging and data for $30 per month (previously $25 per month). It will be available starting September 18th at AT&T’s website.   AT&T made a few more announcements to go along with this one, which we’ll detail after the break.   Also launching on September 18th is an international long distance features. That will provide customers with 250 minutes of talk time per month to over 50 countries. It will cost $10 as an add-on to any GoPhone plan. This mostly covers calls to international landlines, though mobile numbers in Canada, and a few other countries, are also included.   Finally, GoPhone will now support roaming in Canada. Voice minutes will cost 39 cents each, and text messages are 25 cents per message send and 20 cents per message received. ]]>

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