AT&T changes iPhone billing method

As a savvy consumer, you most likely want to know exactly what you’re being billed for. It makes little sense to blindly send a company a check without knowing why the bill is for that specific amount. So yes, to a certain degree, we’re on board with itemized bills. However, when those bills reach hundreds of pages, we’re more inclined to think that sending an itemized bill might be more of a burden than a convenience. Understanding that way of thinking, AT&T has announced that it will no longer send out bills documenting each time someone uses their iPhone. To which we say: thanks for listening. However, AT&T doesn’t want to admit that it listened to its customers. No, they’re claiming that this was part of the plan all along.

“This was something we planned all along,” she said, adding that the company waited until it completed a test of the concept in the Northeast before rolling it out nationally.
Are they kidding us? That’s actually insulting. AT&T means to tell us that their “plan” was to send everyone a freakin’ Tolstoy novel, and then the very next month send them a summarized bill? Yeah, because that makes complete sense. Piss off the customers first, and then appease their needs — but don’t acknowledge the appeasement. So now not only are they not sending itemized bills, but after September 28th, anyone who wants a detailed bills will have to pay a $2 fee. But this is all because AT&T decided to do it, not because people, you know, complained their asses off.
“Not generating waste is the important thing. … It’s much better than recycling,” he said. “We applaud any business efforts to eliminate paper. This seems to be a good effort to do that.”
But you did already generate waste — lots of it. But, because you’re such good people — not because you had a laundry list of complaints — you’re changing the practice. AT&T is full of poop. [Sacramento Bee]]]>

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