AT&T GoPhone eliminating data add-ons in favor of new, unannounced plans

AT&T GoPhone user on the $25 or $50 monthly plan and use a data add-on, you’ll soon be out of luck. Currently AT&T offers three tiers of data add-ons: $5 for 50MB, $15 for 200MB, and $25 for 1GB. On June 20, according to a company statement, only the $5 50MB add-on will remain. For its part AT&T does plan to replace those add-ons in the coming weeks, but it’s unclear how exactly they will proceed. There is some speculation out there, and it’s tough to dismiss, that AT&T will push people both towards their $65 unlimited prepaid plan, which includes 1GB of data, and eventually to their new Aio Wireless brand, which should expand to more markets in the near future. The company left out so many details that it’s hard to speculate further, since we don’t know what will replace those add-ons. We should know more before they’re eliminated on the 20th. Via CNET.]]>

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