HSPA+ and LTE now available to AT&T GoPhone customers

Verizon prepaid has continually upgraded data allotments without increasing costs, and has hinted at an off-brand prepaid service. AT&T GoPhone has adapted well with new packages, and will launch its own off-brand service. The latest move comes on the core GoPhone brand, and will allow customers to access HSPA+ and LTE data, as their handsets permit. Yes, that means more open usage of those high-end handsets on GoPhone service. Customers can use these HSPA+ and LTE smartphones on GoPhone in two ways. First, they can purchase a phone, unsubsidized, from AT&T. That includes the iPhone, which AT&T previously tried to keep away from GoPhone. The other is to bring their own device, which means an AT&T locked device bought from a third party, or an unlocked device compatible with AT&T’s network. It sounds like a great deal for people looking for a faster connection, if not the best possible deal. For its part, AT&T does offer 1GB of data, plus unlimited talk and text, for $65, with each additional GB of data costing $25. That does seem a little steep, especially with Verizon recently increasing the data allotment on its $60 plan to 2GB, and its $70 plan to 5GB. Yet Verizon does not allow LTE devices on its prepaid service, so AT&T can claim an advantage there. Existing customers will notice a change, if they have an HSPA+ or LTE device already connected to GoPhone, on June 21. But they can call in for a manual upgrade earlier. Via Engadget via FierceWireless.]]>

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