Boom! Mobile Expands Plan Options


Boom! Mobile is an MVNO that operates using all four of the main carrier networks, though AT&T business plans still have not launched. The company refers to the networks as V, T, and S and color codes them red, pink, and yellow respectively. Boom recently added quite a few new plans to its lineup, so I thought it best just to do an overview.  As I previously stated, Boom! Mobile’s individual plans operate on three different networks. Rather than using all networks on one set of plans, Boom offers a different set of plans for each network. Let’s take a look:

Network V

All plans, on all networks, include unlimited talk and text.
  • $19.99/month – No data (For 3G devices)
  • $19.99/month – 250 MB of data
  • $24.99/month – 500 MB of data (For 3G devices)
  • $24.99/month – 1 GB data
  • $29.99/month – 2 GB data
  • $34.99/month – 2 GB high speed data
  • $39.99/month – 5 GB data
  • $44.99/month – 5 GB high speed data
  • $64.99/month – 7 GB data
Additional data is available for purchase with network V at $10 for 1 GB, $14 for 2 GB, and $30 for 5 GB.

Network S

  • $19.99/month – 250 MB of data
  • $29.99/month – 2 GB of data
  • $39.99/month – 5 GB of data

Network T

  • $19.99/month – 250 MB of data
  • $34.99/month – 1 GB of data
Top ups available with network T at $7.99 for 500 MB and $13.99 for 1 GB. Previously, Boom offered only one individual plan for networks S and T that included 2 GB of high speed data and cost $49.99/month. While I think it’s a great thing that Boom expanded its options for those networks, the value of network T’s $34.99 plan really isn’t an improvement. Network S, however, expanded its options as well as increased the value by adding more data. The most options fall in network V, with plans that alternate hard-capped data and unlimited data. Boom! Mobile has quite a few devices for sale on its website, though most are basic phones or refurbished smartphones. The company also allows BYOD, and since it offers plans for 3 of the major carriers, device compatibility will vary based on plans. You can view a full list of devices for sale, as well as coverage on Boom! Mobile’s website.]]>

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