8 Best Boost Mobile Phones

Boost Mobile runs on Sprint’s network and is owned by them as well, but unlike a lot of other prepaid companies, you have to have a Boost Mobile phone in order to access Boost Mobile’s service. If you’re looking to switch to Boost, but are not sure what phone to pick, here are my picks for the best Boost Mobile phones on the market right now:

iPhone 6 – $549.99

The iPhone 6 is the newest phone from Apple and has many features that older iPhone models do not, most notably Apple Pay and expected connectivity with the Apple Watch which will be released later this year. Boost’s iPhone 6 is actually priced pretty well, but be aware that Boost’s unlocking policies aren’t the greatest so you might end up selling it if you ever decide to jump ship.

Motorola Moto E – $99.99

This is the 2015 version of the Moto E which, unlike Boost’s 2014 Moto G, has 4G connectivity. The Moto E is a slick little device and manages to not look like a cheap phone while still being priced affordably. The pictures are decent, the device comes with the newest version of Android (Lollipop) and the battery life is acceptable. Also, the phone just plain looks and feels nice.

LG Tribute – $79.99

This mid range phone packs quite a punch for the price and boasts a pretty good camera, 4G networks and good battery life. LG is a pretty good brand, and even their cheaper phones have good function, so this device is definitely a good pick.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – $199.99

Personally, I think the Galaxy S3 is probably the best of the Galaxy line. While Boost does carry the newer S5, personally I think the S3 has a far sleeker look and works just as well. You’ll probably have to get it pre-owned, but this former flagship has good cameras, excellent features and a great feel.

iPhone 5c – $349.99

The colorful plastic look of the iPhone 5c isn’t for everyone by any means, but this device is still a pretty good purchase if you’re looking to get into the iPhone market. It lacks a few features of the newer iPhone 6, but is also quite a bit cheaper. The phone comes in yellow, white, pink, blue and green.

LG Volt – $99.99

This is yet another all-around decent device by LG. It’s low to mid range, so don’t expect anything super fancy, but the device is serviceable with a really good battery life, LTE connectivity, a decent camera and hotspot capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE – $129.99

If you’re a fan of the Galaxy line, but don’t have the money for the flagship devices, then this is a good alternative. In look it mirrors the Galaxy S2 and S3, but the hardware is a slight step down. Regardless, this device is still a good entry-level phone.

ZTE Warp Sync – $129.99

I’m not normally a fan of ZTE, but the Warp Sync is still a pretty decent device if you are looking for a good entry-level, basic smartphone. It won’t wow you, but it certainly will get the job done. The device has 4G/LTE connectivity and a decent camera.

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