Boost Mobile Drops Free Phone Promo


Boost Mobile, a Sprint MVNO, is offering a new promotion for fresh customers: for a limited time, Boost is offering a $50 credit for accounts with the purchase of a new phone. Of course, like most promotions, it sounds great in theory but there are some stipulations. First, the promotion is not open for everyone. To be eligible for the $50 credit, customers must be porting from a non-Sprint MVNO. Also, the customer has to have been active on the previous carrier for at least 15 days to be eligible. Additionally, the new promo isn’t offered online so customers need to purchase through a Boost dealer. While that isn’t the end of the world, it is a little inconvenient. The biggest problem with this new promotion though, is the lack of phones. Originally, Boost was advertising six phones to be purchased with the $50 account credit, but on its website Boost is now only advertising the iPhone 5s as being included on this promotion. So, basically, if you don’t want an iPhone 5s, you don’t need this promo. Previously, instead of the account credit, Boost Mobile offered customers an instant $50 rebate for any new Boost Mobile phone. This allowed customers to actually receive one of nine different phones, like the Alcatel OneTouch Conquest, ZTE Prestige, and LG Volt 2, for free. This promotion also dropped the price of the iPhone 5s to $100 and seems to be what drew most new customers into Boost Mobile. Unfortunately for the company, it discontinued the promotion on September 1, 2016. With discontinuing this popular promotion, Boost has attempted to supplement with a new promotion. While technically it would save customers the same amount of money, the new promotion just falls short. Personally, I don’t think this looks like good news for Boost Mobile. The company’s previous promotion brought in new customers, and this brought up a lot of discussion regarding whether or not the plans alone are worth using Boost Mobile. For those unaware, Boost Mobile operates on Sprint’s network. It offers “unlimited unhook’d” plans that start at $30 a month, including 1 GB of high speed data. The $50 plan includes unlimited high speed data. You can find more information on Boost Mobile’s phones and plans on its website.]]>

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