Boost Mobile's New Data Boost Plans

boost data

Sprint’s MVNO Boost Mobile has introduced the data boost plans, which are not only cheaper than the previous offerings but, as the name suggests, double the data allowed. These new plans are available to both current and new customers, and are only going to be around until November 3. All three plans include unlimited talk, text and data, but the amount of high speed data is different based on the plan you choose:
  • $35 – 1 GB
  • $45 – 5 GB
  • $55 – 10 GB
All of these plans are on Sprint’s 4G LTE network. However, this is a catch. In the fine print it says that video streaming might be limited to 3G instead of 4G and, of course, the unlimited voice minutes aren’t available for international calls. Otherwise, it seems like a pretty good value if you like Sprint’s network. It seems like Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure is really taking the initiative in trying to make the yellow giant more competitive, as they also recently dropped the dreaded Framily plans to be replaced with more streamlined family packages and introduced a new $60 unlimited data plan for individual postpaid lines. When appointed to the position, Claure said he planned to resurrect Sprint’s dwindling customer base. If they continue to introduce pretty good plans like this one, he might just be successful.]]>