Boost Mobile to get Galaxy S6

According to the guys over at Prepaid Reviews, Boost Mobile has announced via Twitter that it will be carrying the new Samsung Galaxy S6 when it is released at the beginning of April. I can’t say I’m super surprised by this, as Cricket has already announced that it, too, will carry Samsung’s new flagship. An official date for Boost (and Cricket) has not actually been announced, but I assume it will likely be sometime in late May or early June. The S6 makes some minor improvements over the ill-received S5 that was released last year. As far as visually, the S6 looks sleek and sexy–unlike the band-aid back that the S5 suffered through. The device also has some hardware differences, some of which aren’t really great including the removal of the SD card slot and a non-removable battery. However, on the positive side, the S6 has a much higher resolution screen, an aluminum body that still manages to be a bit thinner and lighter than the plastic S5, wireless charging support, a heart monitor, two cameras and 128 GB of internal storage to offset the lack of an SD card slot. As far as price, I have heard anything from $500 – $900, depending on who you ask. I personally am expecting it somewhere in the upper $600 – $700 range which makes it way more expensive than I think is really necessary. However, Samsung is a pretty good brand, so I’m sure this flagship will be pretty sweet.]]>

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