Boost, Virgin add Monthly Hotspot Add-On

Being able to use your smartphone as a hotspot device is incredibly useful, especially if you travel a lot. However, if you use Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile your only option of taking advantage of the hotspot capabilities built-in to your phone was to pay $5 for each day you wanted to use it. It’s not only outrageous but ridiculous. Well, as of earlier this year, both Boost and Virgin have finally begun to offer two new monthly hotspot add-ons, and the daily add-on has been reduced. Here are the three hotspot options as of today:
  • $3/day with 500 MB of high speed data
  • $5/30 days with 1 GB of high speed data
  • $10/30 days with 2 GB of high speed data
The two monthly options were actually added earlier this year, and I completely missed it. If you live in certain areas, you might have seen a ‘trial’ offer for the data, but those trials have all expired. The data for these hotspots is independent of your normal monthly data. According to the FAQs, the hotspot lasts until 11:59 p.m. either the day after you purchase the add-on (for 1 day plans), or 30 days later. These add-ons are not recurring charges, so you’ll have to remember to add it whenever you need it. Only devices that have hotspot capabilities are compatible with this (obviously) and you can check out the full list of devices here. Boost Mobile states that these amounts are not throttled the entire time and while I expect Virgin is the same, Virgin’s FAQ does not state anything to that effect. You can add any of these hotspot add-ons from your account page on either company site, or by visiting a store. As a side note, customers on Virgin Mobile “Data Done Right” data-share plans are NOT eligible for these add-ons. For more information, check out the Boost FAQ or the Virgin Mobile FAQ.]]>