Boost, Virgin Offer Data Add-Ons

data packs

The main downside to monthly plans is that most of the larger companies don’t offer top-ups if you have a month of heavy use. You either have to renew early or just wait out the last week or so with no data. Well, Sprint-owned Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile both debuted some new data packs that can be purchased to help customers get through the last little bit of their mobile bill. Unlike add-ons, these data packs are no included automatically and instead function like top-ups. If you purchase one at the beginning of the month, the data from the pack will be used before your monthly allowance, and expires within 30 days of purchase. Here are your data pack options for both Boost and Virgin:
  • $5 – 1 GB of 3G/4G data (depending on availability)
  • $10 – 2 GB of 3G/4G data (depending on availability)
Data packs are intended for mobile phone plans and cannot be used with hotspot devices. Additionally, data from the data packs cannot be used for hotspotting with your mobile device. With the data packs, both Boost and Virgin are pretty good deals, as both have plans ranging from around $35 – $55 before any add-ons. For more information on Boost Mobile, visit the Boost Mobile page. Or, check out Virgin Mobile via its website. Virgin is a little more out of date, but slowly be surely it looks like Sprint is trying to renew the brand. Both companies, of course, use Sprint’s network.]]>