Canadians not happy with cell service

outlandish mobile data rates. As a country, not only is Canada not happy with service, but they’re decreasingly so. Their satisfaction rating is down to 657 out of 1,000, from 675 in 2006. This is a decent drop-off from America’s satisfaction rating of 709, though we did see a similar drop-off from year to year. Prepaid service, though, ranks separately. The drop-off was along the same lines as the contract realm: 666 in 2006 to 652 in 2007. According to the survey, Virgin Mobile is the best-ranked Canadian prepaid provider. We can’t necessarily disagree. Telus Mobility and PC Mobility were next in the rankings, also quality prepaid offerings. If you’re not familiar with Canadian prepaid offerings, they’re far more expensive than their American counterparts, though there tend to be more pay-as-you-go options in Canada. We’ve been wondering how much the value of the countries’ respective dollars has to do with this price discrepancy, and whether Canada has adjusted for the more even values. Up in the contract sector, Fido wins out, though their rates are similar (unsurprisingly) to their parent company, Rogers, which didn’t rank in the top three. [Financial Post]]]>