Chatr Changes Pay Per Use Charges

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Canadian wireless company Chatr has made some changes to its pay per use charges for two of its plans and for all of its data add-ons. Some of the changes are positive while some are not, but that’s the luck of the draw. These changes have already gone into effect, but will effect all customers on the effected plans as well as all data add-ons. With these changes, the rates for outgoing Canadian long distance calls, outgoing Canadian texts and outgoing US texts on the $20 Unlimited Talk plan and the $25 Unlimited Province-wide Talk plans has increased from $0.20 per message to $0.25 per message. On a slightly more positive note, the price for additional data usage with the $10, $15 and $25 data add-ons has decreased from $0.10 per MB to $0.05 per MB. The amounts of the add-ons has not changed, nor has the prices. Other pay per use charges have not changed. Chatr Wireless is a pretty popular prepaid company which offers a variety of services for customers calling within and outside of their province as well as other countries. Plans range from $20 – $40 and include unlimited local talk as well as other features depending on the plan. For more information on Chatr Wireless, available phones or coverage areas, visit the Chatr website.]]>