Class action suit arises over incoming text charges

charge for incoming text messages. This prompted petitions and governmental threats. Finally, someone came through. According to The Canadian Press, a Bell customer has filed a class action lawsuit in Montreal. This is actually the second such filing. Another was filed against just Telus on July 14.

Eric Cormier, a Bell Mobility subscriber for the past decade, initiated the suit saying both companies are acting illegally by unilaterally changing the terms of cellular contracts with their clients.
The article doesn’t say what the suit seeks. Because of the material change in contract, does this mean customers like Mr. Cormier simply exit their contract without penalty? I know he could in the U.S., but what about Canada? The problem there, of course, is that the only other option is Rogers at this point. That should change soon enough. But for now, it’s either that or a regional carrier.]]>

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  1. jeff grant on November 11, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    i will never use bell mobility ever again.i am suing bell mobility.