Rogers Shutters First Rewards Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are awesome. Except when they are not, and Rogers First Rewards program definitely falls in that second category. Launched a couple of years ago, Mobile Syrup reported that the loyalty program is going to be shut down by June 2016 due to poor reception. The program itself was launched as a part of Rogers’ attempt to revamp the company and improve customer retention. Along with the Rogers Band-branded Master Card, the rewards program was focused on the idea that customers would gain points based on how much they spent via Rogers. These points could, theoretically, be redeemed for various prizes and discounts but the prizes were honestly pretty terrible. In fact, according to Mobile Syrup, two years after the program was implemented barely 5 percent of the prize options were even used. If you’re one of the few who actually signed up for the Rewards Program, then you’ll continue to accrue points for each monthly payment through December 1st, after which points will no longer be given. All points must be spent before June 2016, when the program will be completely shut down. There isn’t a specified date for the full shutdown at this point. Additionally, it looks like Rogers will also be revamping its First Rewards MasterCard program in the coming months, replace it with a similar product. There isn’t a whole lot of information on that, but I’ll keep my eyes on it and update everyone when it gets closer. Despite the pretty lukewarm response to the rewards program, Rogers has actually has a few pretty good quarters and has introduced some pretty nice features including Roam Like Home. The company’s spotty reputation and poor customer service, however, hasn’t really improved at all. Good thing their service area is pretty decent. To check out the coverage in your province or see the plan options available, visit Rogers’ website.]]>