Wind Now Offers Used iPhones

wind iPhone

While many Wind Mobile users have iPhones on the Wind network, the company itself did not actually sell any Apple products in its stores. However, as of yesterday, that has all changed. Wind is now offering customers “lightly loved” iPhone 5c and 5s to customers.  It’s a little unclear whether these refurbished devices are actually from Apple or not, but either way the company claims they have been refurbished and restored. Mobile Syrup reported that Wind claims all the devices have “been checked and tested for performance. They come with a new screen, back cover, all new accessories and a 6 month warranty.” I assume they come with a new battery as well, as these used devices have likely seen two years of constant use, but that’s not immediately apparent. Either way, the six-month warranty is pretty comforting. The iPhone 5s will be available for $449 and the iPhone 5c will sell for $299. Both devices can be purchased for $0 down with WindTAB, but that would mean a monthly payment and a contract to pay for the device, so I’m not sure that’d be the best bet. Either way, it’s not a half bad deal. The iPhone 5c is available in white and the 5s will be sold in metallic gray. Both phones are on sale now and are compatible with Wind’s no-contract monthly plans which range from $35 – $50. Wind only covers select regions in Canada, so be sure to check that the service is offered in your province. Click here to check the coverage chart. For more information on Wind Mobile’s plans and other offerings, visit the website.]]>