Project Ara-Inspired Modular Smartphone Case

Modularity is all the craze in the tech world right now, but there hasn’t but much new news about Google’s much-awaited Project Ara smartphone. However, if you are interested in modularity for smartphones, Project Ara might not be your only option. A new Kickstarter project recently launched that could give any smartphone modularity capabilities How cool is that? Nexpaq was created by a California start-up and boasts a pretty cool idea: A case that has removable modules which will allow users to add additional features like a bigger battery, better flash or even temperature/humidity readers. Nexpaq is currently gathering funding on Kickstarter and with 25 days to go, it has already surpassed the modest $50,000 needed for the tooling and final developing process. Normally I don’t cover Kickstarters, but the potential for this one is crazy cool. Check out the list of the modules that you can get for the case:
  • Battery Power
  • Amplified Speaker
  • Super LED Flashlight
  • SD Card Reader
  • Temperature and Humidity reader
  • Hotkeys (for fast launching of apps/settings)
  • USB Flash
  • Air Quality Reader
  • Breathalyzer
  • Laser
  • Memory backup (64 GB)
  • Dummy piece (to fill in spaces)
Unfortunately, the Nexpaq is only currently compatible with a Sumsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6. The developers say that they intend to work on adding additional devices eventually, but have not announced any additional device plans. The lowest tier to receive your own Nexpaq is $89 (early bird) or $109. Check out the Kickstarter for more information or watch the video below from the Kickstarter project: What do you think? Useful or just a novelty? Would you buy one? Tell me in the comments!]]>

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