Smartphone Cases Tougher Than Steel

bulk metallic glass case

A researcher in Yale has developed a technology that is three times harder than steel, but still lightweight and thin. This new technology is created by super-cooling bulk metallic glass and molding it to whatever form. And the coolest part? This technology might be protecting your phone sooner than you think. The technology for creating these super strong cases was designed by Jan Schroers, a mechanical engineering and materials science professor at Yale. The cases have buttons and Schroers said he hopes that they will be able to make them waterproof soon. Computer World reported that Schroers is currently looking for a manufacturing partner and could scale up production by late 2015 if conditions are right. Here’s a video explaining a bit more about the process: Several manufacturers are looking closely at this process and there has been talk about actually manufacturing the bulk metallic glass as part of the actual cell phone body instead of simply making an outer case for the phone. However, no official deals have been struck. I shudder to think how much it would cost, but it certainly would make your phone look nice!]]>

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