Spruce Up Your Phone With a Skin


While there are a plethora of weird cases and awesome cases available for most phones, I’ve made it absolutely no secret that I’m not a fan of putting a case on your phone. I mean, I won’t argue that protecting your device is important, and cases are a great way to do that and express yourself. But, what if there was a way cooler and less bulky way to make your phone more you and also help protect against the little scrapes and dings along the way? Turns out there totally is, and it’s pretty awesome. Today I rediscovered a company called Nuvango. Originally created 10 years ago under the brand name Gelskins, this company sells removable sticky ‘skins’ for phones and other electronic devices. But, unlike the cases you see everywhere, these skins are extremely thin and designed to turn your phone into a work of art. With hundreds of designs to choose from, Nuvango really has just about anything. The company also allows photographers and amateur artists to upload and create their own custom skin. I personally haven’t tried one of these skins on my phone yet, as only certain devices are supported. However, I had this fun cover on my laptop through almost all of college, and I can totally attest that these not only remove without leaving any residue, but also look fantastic and are surprisingly protective from scratches and light damage. The device skins are individually designed for select phones and feature precise holes for buttons, speakers, cameras and other things. There are front and back covers, and the company also generates and providers users with a free wallpaper so you can complete the sleek wraparound look. Nuvango also offers cases for select devices including some Samsung and iPhone phones, as well as covers for other electronics like tablets, ereaders, laptops, music players and some consoles like the Xbox 360. Here are a few examples of the awesome art on the site:


The company supports a handful of middle-of-the-road devices. Some of the cheapest devices will not be supported, and the most recent flagships are also not available just yet. The company doesn’t have any Alcatel covers, but does have a handful of iPhone, Blackberry, Google Phone, Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony and Nokia (mostly Lumia devices). Skins range from $15 – $30 depending on what phone, with older phones being less expensive. To browse the extensive collection or pick up one for yourself, visit the Nuvango website. As a side note, the company also sells clothing, pillows and prints. But, I think the electronics cases are by far the coolest offering.]]>

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