Top Ten Weirdest Phone Cases

These days, it is extremely uncommon to see a phone without a case. Between the rising prices of phones and our increased attachment to them it’s only natural that you’d want to not only protect your beloved device, but also use it to express yourself. There are a lot of really cool cases, like the ones shown above, for just about any phone you could imagine, although iPhones seem to get the neatest ones. Or you could get one of these cases:

hand case

If you’re feeling lonely, but don’t want to put your phone down to gain more human contact, you can now buy this iPhone case for $58 which comes with a silicone hand to hold. It comes in men, women and children’s sizes.


weird cases case1

Available in gold or silver, this giant isopod case is rather popular in China, from what I can gather. You can buy the gold version for around $116. Looking at it, I can’t imagine voluntarily holding this up to my ear.


legs case

This sparkly case features 3D legs with red sparkly heels and a black tutu. It almost looks like someone killed Barbie. Normally priced at a bargain $98, this designer case is, unfortunately, sold out.


food case

This case from an Esty store is one of many super-busy food related cases that can be purchased for around $30 online. It is made out of silicone, clay and glue so I just hope you never drop it.

monster case

 I can’t imagine that fur staying white for very long. Yuck. The case costs around $35 and comes in creamy caramel, snow white or schauzer grey.

bear case

On the note of weird fuzzy cases, you can get a giant teddy bear case that will not only cover part of your phone screen, but encourage small children to play with your expensive device. I see nothing wrong with this plan!


This designer case is, unfortunately, no longer available (as far as I could find) but I just had to include it. Because, who doesn’t want to disguise their top-of-the-line phone as a rock?


phone case

Speaking of disguising your iPhone, why not put it in this retro handset case so you can pretend you’re living in the 80s?



 If you’re going retro, then why disguise your phone as an older phone when you could disguise it as a TV?



If you, like the famous surrealist Salvador Dali, have ever wondered why, when you order a grilled lobster in the restaurant, they don’t bring you a grilled phone… it’s probably because they don’t have a weird lobster phone case. Or because grilled phones are toxic and probably not edible. Take your pick.