UK offers "Quickie" cell phone charge

If you’re on the run and your cell battery is about to die, there’s not much you can really do. Yeah, you might have your charger handy, but first you have to find an electrical outlet, and then you have to find the time to sit down and wait for it to charge. Not exactly an ideal scenario. The Quickie has the answer. It’s an ATM-looking devices that offers a 10-minute phone charge for a nominal fee. The company, N5, has just launched its first machines in the UK. We do love the idea. We can see it catching on at delis and fast food joints in urban areas, where people are going to sit around for just about 10 minutes. And if you’re really tethered to your phone, you can still use it while it charges. Apparently, at least according to the CEO of N5, this technology exists in the US:

“Quickie machines already proving successful in America and the Middle East, and in particular the Far East – who are admittedly a year or so ahead of the UK in terms of mobile phone technology.”
First off, the Middle East and America are ahead of the UK in mobile phone tech? That’s news to us. It’s always been said that the US is lagging behind the rest of the world because of our ridiculous telecoms and their controlling manners. Second, has anyone else seen this kind of device around? We live in a pretty urban area, and not yet have we seen a Quickie station, or any cellphone charging spot for that matter. If you have, let us know where we can find one. [Pocket Lint]]]>

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