Universal Bar Mount for your Smartphone

bike mount2

Smartphones are incredibly useful, with calculators, map programs, note taking abilities, GPS tracking, you name it, there’s probably an app for that. But, as nice as using your phone for everything can be, sometimes it’s hard to juggle your phone and everything else at the same time. If there’s a flat surface, no problem–just set your phone down for a minute and you’re good. But what if you don’t have a flat space? Introducing the HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount to solve all your cylindrical-mounting troubles! Basically, this mount is just a piece of plastic with a long rubber-like arm that wraps around a bar and your phone. You can literally mount this to any smallish circular bar, and it holds pretty securely. While I expect the creators had off-road biking and stuff in mind (see above picture), I’m really more of a shopper . So the idea of easily strapping my phone to a cart to access my shopping list and calculator without having to juggle holding a phone, pushing the cart, reading off the list and finding the right items is pretty cool. But that might just be me. [caption id="attachment_7342" align="aligncenter" width="300" class=" "]bike mount Shopping nerds FTW![/caption] The mount is $20 and comes in black and white. You can buy it here, and then comment and let me know what you think! I haven’t tried it out, but the video certainly makes it look pretty sturdy. ]]>

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