Consumer Cellular Increases Minutes, Text, Data

Consumer Cellular Logo

Consumer Cellular, the no-contract, postpaid AT&T MVNO, has changed… well, everything. Literally every plan (with the exception of the $10 pay-per-use option) that Consumer Cellular offered has seen an increase without an increase in price. And, for the first time ever, unlimited options are finally available. It’s a huge step for this little MVNO. The way Consumer Cellular plans work is customers pick and choose how much of each service they need to create the perfect plan with a combination of talk, text and data. Here’s what the prices look like now:

Talk Plans

  • $15 – 250 minutes (formerly 200)
  • $20 – 750 minutes (formerly 600)
  • $30 – 1,500 minutes (formerly 1,200)
  • $40 – 3,500 minutes (formerly 2,500)
  • $50 – unlimited (formerly 4,000)

Connect plans

  • $2.50 – 300 texts (formerly 200) and 30 MB (formerly 20 MB)
  • $5 – 1,500 texts (formerly 1,000) and 150 MB (formerly 100 MB)
  • $10 – 2,500 texts (formerly 2,000) and 500 MB (formerly 300 MB)
  • $20 – unlimited texts (formerly 5,000) and 1.5 GB (formerly 1 GB)
  • $30 – unlimited texts (formerly 15,000) and 3 GB (formerly 2.5 GB)
  • $40 – unlimited texts and 4 GB (entirely new plan)
The plans do not include taxes, which will vary from state to state, but the plans have gone into effect immediately. Users can share minutes, texts and data with family members for an extra $10 per line. Consumers have the ability to change to a higher or lower priced plan at any time in order to avoid overages or grossly overpaying. Consumer Cellular also has a dedicated US-based customer service team, the latest phones and a risk-free trial for any interested customers. For more information on Consumer Cellular plan options or to see what else it has to offer, visit the Consumer Cellular website.]]>