Analog to be gone for good in March

Dark Tower series, you’re familiar with the term “the world has moved on.” Really, though, the world is always moving on, especially in terms of technology. It is then in the name of progress that the last major cell carriers to offer analog service — AT&T, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon — will go completely digital by this coming March. Sprint and T-Mobile do not currently offer analog services, so it will not affect their customers. However, it does mean something to the “1 to 5 percent of customers” on those networks that do currently have analog service.

Alltel’s Morris said customers receive three benefits from digital phone service. He said the batteries last longer, calls are more secure and 911 service is more accurate.
Yes, clearly digital service is superior to analog. However, we know what these kinds of things can be like. If precedent holds up, current analog subscribers will be forced to buy a new phone, and with it a new 2-year contract, with only a pittance of a discount. Progress is great. We all love new, fancy devices that allow us to do more than we could previously. However, the price of conversion is something to consider. These companies should offer their analog subscribers a simple, basic digital phone for free, and leave their contracts alone. Otherwise, they’d be penalizing people for using a service they offered. And how fair is that? [Sun Journal]]]>

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