Consumers Report Cricket Data Issues

Cricket users have been reporting problems with their data being slowed despite¬†good signal and a positive balance of data remaining on the account. From what it seems like, users are experiencing extremely slow internet service shortly after cycles renewed in the beginning of October. It was first reported on HowardForums last week, and seems to be quite the widespread issue. Some users have reported that turning of LTE has fixed the issue, but this doesn’t seem to be a universal fix by any means. Other users have reported that resetting APN settings have helped fix the speed, but again, that doesn’t seem to be working for everyone and depends heavily on the kind of phone and your location. Reading through the thread on HowardForums, it seems like Cricket doesn’t have much of an estimate of when this issue will be fixed. Some reported being told that it was a technical issue while others were told that it was due to maintenance issues. If you are having these issues, you might try changing your APN settings by following this guide until the issue can be fixed. We’ll update whenever a permanent solution is found.]]>

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