When was the last time you threw away a phone?

going green campaign (who isn’t nowadays?) in anticipation of Earth Day. They lead with a killer stat: We discard 40,000 cellphone a day, meaning 150 million per year. I was under the impression that as a whole, we’re not really dropping cellphones into landfills too often — that most people held onto their old phones as backups (I know I do). These 150 million cellphones are said to contain $94 million in precious metals. Well now. I think we just heard Verizon calling, saying that they want your old cellphone back when you buy a new one. They’re also offering five reasons to recycle your phone. My replies in italics.

1. They likely still work. More than half of the phones ReCellular receives are still functional, and can be refurbished and reused – often in developing countries. The United Nations ranks access to communications as the second-most important contributor to quality of life, after health-care. True, but if it’s still working, it can act as my backup, in case anything happens to my current phone. Once I’m three phones deep, I’ll give you a call. 2. They contain valuable materials. Recycling cell phone circuit boards yields more gold per ton than the average ton of ore from gold mine operations, as well as other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. So someone else can make money off my phone. Then again, it could be for a good cause…but who knows? 3. They can be environmentally damaging. Like all rechargeable batteries, cell phones contain heavy metals and chemicals that can be toxic in landfills, and should always be recycled. Nothing to argue with there 4. They are of value. ReCellular offers businesses up to $150 per phone, and their charitable donate-a-phone programs raised more than $8 million per year for non-profit organizations. Okay… 5. They’re serving no purpose in the drawer. Really, what are you keeping those cell phones for? Send them in. See No. 1. I’ve dropped my phone in a cup of water, and I’ll surely do it again. I want a backup.
If after this you’re compelled to recycle your old phone, hit these guys up at ReCellular.com.]]>

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