Cricket Adds Data to Unlimited Plans

Cricket, the AT&T owned MVNO, announced this morning that they are increasing the data for customers on their prepaid unlimited monthly plans. Customers on the GSM network don’t have to do a single thing–the upgrade will happen automatically during their next billing cycle. The additional data will start on Sept. 13 and is only going to be available for a limited time. However, an end date for this promotion has not been set. Here is a breakdown of the additional data per plan:

 Cricket Plan 


 High-Speed Data NOW

 High-Speed Data WAS

Basic Plan

$40 – $35  (after $5 Auto Pay credit)



Smart Plan

$50 – $45 (after $5 Auto Pay credit)



Pro Plan

$60 – $55 (after $5 Auto Pay credit)



All prices include taxes and fees. The three “unlimited” plans offer unlimited talk and text and unlimited lower speed data once the high speed data cap is reached. They also freature international texting, picture messages, three-way calling and more. You must have a 4G ready phone to access 4G speeds. This offer wasn’t listed on their website at press time, and I couldn’t reach Cricket this morning to see if this offer is truly temporary or if adopters will get to grandfather their plans once the promotion ends. I will update the article when I find out. In addition to the temporary data hike, Cricket is also offering $100 credit to switch to their services from a competitor. The switcher credit is available until October 19, 2014. This data increase is one more step in the recent mobile price war, and probably a smart move. As traditional postpaid carriers decrease prices and remove contracts to make themselves more competitive, MVNOs are going to become less tempting. Cricket is clearly looking ahead. Here’s what they had to say in their press release: “Cricket is offering more value to consumers nationwide,” said Cricket vice president and chief marketing officer Janna Ducich. “Customers are making the switch to Cricket for our reliable nationwide 4G LTE network, affordable prices with taxes and fees included, and rewards for their loyalty.  And now we are offering even more reason to switch, with unlimited plans featuring increased high-speed data allowances with no annual contract.”]]>

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