Cricket busy adding smartphone customers

Cricket‘s future could be looking up, as the company announced that 60 percent of new customers in July were smartphone customers. That continues a trend the company has realized for a few quarters now, and could lead to more potent growth in the future. Currently, 27 percent of the company’s 5.7 million subscribers use smartphones, and that number could nearly double in the next year. At least, that’s the outlook that Cricket executives publicly hold. The increase in smartphone ownership means greater revenue potential, since smartphone customers spend more per month on service than feature phone users. CEO Doug Hutcheson also said that smartphone users are less likely to leave the carrier, which helps reduce churn and keep subscriber numbers higher. This seems like some good news for Cricket as it closes out its fiscal third quarter. Via FierceWireless.]]>

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  1. Mark on September 22, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    These MVNOs have a great opportunity if they will just take advantage of it. People are getting of their treatment at the hands of the majors.
    I, for one, hope that the MVNOs and regionals will expand to serve more customers.