Cricket Increases Data on Multiple Plans

Cricket Wireless, AT&T’s prepaid MVNO, has recently made some changes to its plan lineup. And, I’m happy to report, the changes are both immediate and for the better. As of right now, Cricket has increased the data on its $40, $50, and $60 monthly plans. And, while it’s nice, it’s not as competitive as I’d like.  Of the three plans, the data on the $50 plan originally started as a limited-time promotion which Cricket decided to make permanent. The other two have just been increased. Here is what Cricket’s lineup looks like right now:

  • $30 – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB
  • $40 – unlimited talk and text, 3 GB (formerly 2.5 GB)
  • $50 – unlimited talk and text, 8 GB (formerly 5 GB)
  • $60 – unlimited talk and text, 12 GB (formerly 10 GB)
  • $70 – unlimited talk, text, and data
Compare that to Boost Mobile, which offers 2 GB for $35, or 4 GB for $40, although that would mean that you’d be on the Sprint network (easily the smallest of the three) instead of AT&T. Verizon prepaid, on the other hand, offers 5 GB for $50, while MetroPCS has almost exactly the same plans, although its unlimited plan is $10 cheaper. AT&T’s own GoPhone offers 4 GB for $45, or 8 GB for $60. In the end, the value of these plan changes will depend on how much you like AT&T’s network. In the past, Cricket has been my No. 1 choice as carrier, however I’ve been noticing some lag on calls, making me wonder if the carrier is a lower priority than other AT&T services. Regardless, its still a pretty decent brand if you like AT&T.]]>

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