Cricket to Carry the Galaxy S6

Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain earlier this week, and AT&T’s Cricket Wireless has already jumped on board and announced that it will be carrying the newest S6 from Samsung as soon as its released. Plans to carry the S6 Edge have not been announced. From all of the reports I’ve read, the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets quite a bit right with the newest phone including a super sharp display, a great camera, wireless charging, heart rate monitor and top of the line specs all around. Downsides, however, include a smaller battery that might not be able to be removed, and absolutely no microSD card slot. I am not going to include a whole list of features simply because Samsung hasn’t released anything super official with specs yet. The phone itself is expected to be released in April of this year, but again, Samsung hasn’t announced an official launch date. While actual prices of the S6 have also not been released, some are estimating that it will be even more expensive than the iPhone 6, which ranged in $700 – $900 price bracket. Personally, I find it a little strange that Cricket would carry such an expensive device, as it does not offer subsidies that allow¬†consumers to purchase newer phones for less in exchange for a contract. But, I suppose that with such a popular phone line, there are those who are willing to pay the initial investment for peace of mind and longterm savings. How about you? Would you pay upwards of $800 for a smartphone on a prepaid carrier?]]>

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