Cricket to get Android-powered Huawei Glory

Click for larger It’s still a ways from release, but we learned yesterday that Cricket will carry the Huawei Glory. We’re used to seeing mid-tier handsets from Huawei, such as the Ascend, but this time around it appears to be in the upper tier of Android handsets. It features a powerful 1.4 GHz processor, which means you’ll be blazing through your device. It also includes 2GB of RAM, which makes for an even faster device. At four inches, the screen is also perfect for watching, and streaming, videos. It will run the latest current version of Android, 2.3.3, but will eventually upgrade to the next tier (dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich). You’ll have to wait until November to get it, but when it arrives it figures to be priced at $299.99 or below. That’s still a good price for a prepaid Android, especially one as powerful as the Glory. This is the perfect handset for Cricket, since it provides high technology for a reasonable price. I have a feeling it will sell quite well. Via Electronista.]]>

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