Cricket Wireless Adds Data to $40 Plan

AT&T’s prepaid MVNO Cricket Wireless recently increased the data on its next-to-lowest cost plan in an effort to be slightly more competitive. While the change is for the positive, however, it doesn’t seem like it’s quite enough to help push Cricket back to the limelight. With the current increase, AT&T’s $40 plan has officially gone from 3 GB to 4 GB without any increase in plan price. The other plans remain unchanged, however. Here’s how Cricket’s lineup currently looks:
  • $30 – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB
  • $40 – unlimited talk and text, 4 GB
  • $50 – unlimited talk and text, 8 GB, unlimited international text, and plan access in Canada and Mexico
  • $60 – unlimited talk, text, and data, unlimited international text, and plan access in Canada and Mexico
As mentioned above, this is definitely a step in the right direction, but I don’t think that it’s quite enough to allow Cricket to compete with AT&T’s GoPhone, which offers customers 6 GB for $40. At the time of writing, H2O Wireless has an even better promotion going on, but it is likely a temporary thing. You can read about it here, but in essence customers can get 8 GB for around $40, which is pretty sweet. Of course, the $40 Cricket price does beat its other competitors including MetroPCS and Boost. However, when you take the other AT&T prices into account combined with reports of Cricket speeds being slower than AT&T prepaid, it just seems like too little too late. In addition to this promotion, Cricket also announced a handful of phone discounts and sales aimed at both new and current customers. You can check that out here. For more information on Cricket Wireless, or to check out its plans and services, visit the Cricket Wireless website.]]>

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