Leap rolls out Cricket network in Georgia

Cricket would offer a daily pay as you go plan, they mentioned a few specific markets it would enter. Among them was Savannah/Hilton Head. You might have been wondering how this could be, since Cricket had yet to roll out a network in that area. Well, yesterday they finally did. This will cover Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head, South Carolina, plus their neighboring communities. This helps further Leap’s aspirations of doubling their POPs in 2009. The nw market adds 600,000 to their total, bringing it to around 62.3 million. This spectrum actually came from Leap’s purchase of Hargary Communications. Former Hargary customers are being switched over to Leap’s plans. Thankfully for them, they’ll have the PAYgo option available to them, as well as Leap’s line of flat-rate, unlimited calling plans. You can check out Cricket’s website for more information.]]>

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  1. mary k on October 14, 2008 at 11:35 am

    Hey- get your ass into Chicago! I have waited for five yrs for leap to frog its way to chicago, but …not yet… why not? Too many warts keeping you out? I’m Still waiting, plugging along with virgin mobile crappy phones and rotten customer service. Mk riley- Cary, Il. 60013