7 Tips For Protecting Mobile Privacy

In this day and age, everything from banking to dating is done online. But, as the internet invades everything, personal information protecting your privacy becomes more and more important. Here are some tips for ways to protect your personal information while still enjoying the use of your phone and other gadgets:
  1. Lock your phone – this simple measure can help deter thieves and stop others from snooping on your device. It might see like a hassle, but unlocking will become habit with time, and it will really help improve your safety.
  2. Practice safe surfing – don’t click on suspicious or unfamiliar links on your mobile phone
  3. Check app permissions – read through the permissions for each app you download, and be sure that the app needs access to everything it’s requesting. There are always other options if you don’t agree with something.
  4. Download a security app – This is pretty basic, but be sure you’ve installed some kind of security app to protect your phone from viruses and malware. Check out our list of top mobile security apps to get started!
  5. Be cautious with personal information – once it’s out there, it’s out there so be cautious about publishing, posting or sharing any personal information on the web. You won’t be able to take it back!
  6. Check privacy settings on phone, apps and sites – check and configure the privacy settings on your apps, web sites and phone to ensure you are aware and okay with what’s being shared.
  7. Limit browsing on open WiFi hotspots – unsecured hotspots are a little more dangerous, so avoid things like checking bank accounts and dealing with sensitive information via unsecured WiFi.

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