Do You Need a Backup Phone?

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Whenever you purchase a new phone, there is always the question of what to do with your previous device. Many sites and people will tell you that the best thing to do is hang on to that device as a backup phone. But, what is a backup phone, and do you really need one?

What are Backup Phones for?

Before you can really decide if you actually need a backup phone, you probably need to know exactly what they are good for. While everyone probably has different ideas on the various reasons that one should (or should not) bother with a backup phone, here are some common uses:
  • As an emergency phone – all phones, whether or not they have service, are capable of dialing 911. As long as it has battery, you’re in business.
  • As, well, a backup – accidents happen. You never know when your beloved phone is going to take a nosedive off of the table, or decide that it can swim, and backup phones are good for that in-between time while you’re deciding if you want to replace or fix your old device.
  • Peace of mind – mobile phones are almost a necessity in today’s world, so whether you have an expensive device or a cheap device, having a backup provides plenty of peace of mind.
  • Less distraction – recently, I have seen people using a smaller, feature phone as a backup or even alternative to a smartphone. All you have to do is add your contacts, forward your number and you’re in business! Many times, these phones have less connectivity and are less of a distraction, so it can be nice.
Of course, those are only a few of the reasons. But the real question is…

Do you need a backup phone?

In short, probably. I think that most people could benefit from having at least one extra device sitting around just in case. You may never actually need to use it, but since you probably already have a device somewhere, what does it hurt? Besides, being prepared is never a bad idea. Personally, I have an old Razr flip phone (remember those?) sitting charged in a drawer, just in case. Every once in a while I will pull it out and power it on to make sure it works, but just knowing I have it so that I can still make emergency calls should the worst arise is pretty comforting. But maybe that’s me. What do you think? Do you have a backup phone??]]>

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