Get Out Of Phone Contracts With No Fee

always hidden fees and always overages and always places where you get no service when you need it. Phone contracts suck. So we’re going to give you a couple resources to help your friends and family out of dumb phone contracts so they can enjoy phone freedom with prepaid devices. A lot of these services basically just sign over your contract to someone else and a few cost a minimal fee to list your phone, but it is still a lot cheaper than paying upwards of $250 termination fee. It should be noted that most of these sites do not actually do any transfers–they simply match you with someone else. It is your responsibility to make the transfer with your carrier. Here are some choices:

  1. CellTradeUSA – One of the more popular phone swapping sites, this company allows you to list your phone contract and then anyone interested can contact you and take over the plan, leaving you free of liability. Publishing your ad is free, but you do have to pay $20 to access your inbox to contact interested parties. They have a very detailed FAQ that explains the process.
  2. CellSwapper – This online service is very similar to CellTradeUSA but is a little newer. It costs $20-$24 to list your phone contract and you can either swap with someone else for a shorter contract or simply sign over your contract and be done. Be sure to read through the FAQs and details as certain carriers have rules about swapping plans less than a year, etc. The service also suggests you post ‘bonuses’ in the form of cash or free phones to help with enticing a buyer. It is not required, but many of the plans do, and it might make it harder to find someone willing to trade if you aren’t willing to add an incentive.
  3. TradeMyCellular – This site is much like the two above and matches people interested in transferring in or out of contracts. However, unlike the two above sites, this site is free. Aside from that detail it is extremely similar, but doesn’t seem to have as many users. Here is their FAQ for some more specific information.
  4. CellBreaker – Unlike the previous four options, this site has nothing to do with transferring your contract. Instead, CellBreaker is a company that will help you find loopholes in your contract and break it for you. The fee for successfully terminating your contract is $77 currently with a $10 fee to assess whether or not they can break it for you. According to their website, it takes about a week to gather the info and negotiate the termination. It should also be noted that when you agree to let CellBreaker terminate your fee, you are giving them the power of attorney as far as your phone contract goes. Here is their FAQ for more information.