How to Find Your Account Number and PIN

With plan prices on the rise, more and more people are fleeing the Big Four carriers in favor of cheaper prepaid options. Add that to the vast number of ETA Payoff promotions, and you have a lot of people looking to jump ship from one carrier to the next. But, if you’re looking to complete a port request, then you’ll first need to know your account number and account PIN as well as the name and billing address on the account. The methods for finding your PIN and account number is different for each carrier, but generally there are a few ways to get it:
  1. Check your bill – your Account Number is usually found at the top of your bill. Sometimes it will simply be your phone number, but with the Big Four it’s usually a separate code.
  2. Check online – if you log online to your account, you’ll usually find your account number¬†somewhere in account overview, digital bills or preferences.
  3. Call customer service – If you can’t find it that way, you might have to just call your customer service. Generally you can dial *611 from your device to reach them. However, be prepared for a slew of questions and offers to try and convince you that porting isn’t a good idea!
If you’re moving from a postpaid account with Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T then your PIN is a random number that you probably don’t have access to. You will have to call your company to get this information before you can proceed with the porting. Keep in mind that depending on what company you are porting from, requests can take up to a couple of days to fully process so be patient!]]>

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