$30 FreedomPop LTE Smartphone Deal

FreedomPop announced a deal last week which I completely missed. Originally stated to be “today only” the deal is apparently still viable, as I was able to get quite a ways through the checkout screen with no difficulty. However, if you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, I would urge you to do it sooner rather than later. Anyway, the deal itself is will land you an LG Viper 4G LTE smartphone for $30 in addition to one month free trial of FreedeomPop’s unlimited talk and text plan, which is normally valued at $10.99 per month. As a note, the phone is used and is from what the company is referring to as “B-stock” which means that it likely has some cosmetic issues but is still fully functional. The LG Viper is a decent phone that runs Android 4.0 and while it’s not the greatest phone, $30 is still pretty good. You can take a peek at the full specs here. As a reminder, while the deal does give you a free month’s trial of FreedomPop’s unlimited talk and text plan, if you don’t downgrade at the end of your trial you will be charged the next month for these services. However, users who choose to downgrade will still receive the standard free 500 MB, 500 texts and 200 minutes every month from FreedomPop. To take advantage of this deal, click here. To get more information on FreedomPop’s Sprint-powered services, visit FreedomPop’s website.  ]]>

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